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Catalyst for Youth entered the Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall facility in the spring of 2006. The program manager happily agreed to let us run a weekly art program in a general population unit. Since that time, we have worked with 100s of teens in both the girls and boys units.


Al vertical– Currently we offer a weekly art program on Tuesday night in both high security units-B8 and B9
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– The scrabble program runs weekly in a general population unit. The idea is to help the minors learn strategy and vocabulary.  >>Learn More


vegetable face– Plants have the power to change lives. Research has shown a simple but profound therapeutic aspect to working in a garden. Plants also play a basic role in providing clean air and serve as a nutritious basis for healthy living. And they are a uniquely effective teaching tool that brings environmental issues alive while fostering community spirit in those who garden together. Catalyst for Youth is working to kindle and sustain the essential connection between young people, plants, and the environment through gardening and a plant based education program at Santa Clara County’s Juvenile Hall.
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